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Adriaan van Os
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Bart Veenstra
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Ben van Dijk
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Brad S. Selfridge
Brian Gridley
Contributions:Simple Improvements
Ernest Micklei (emm)
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James Robertson
Simple Counter Application Example
Jan van de Sandt
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LibGit - VA Smalltalk bindings for libgit2

libgit2 is a portable implementation of the core Git functionality
with a clearly defined API.
See the project homepage:

The VA Smalltalk version of LibGit is derived from LibGit for Pharo Smalltalk. A
project of Max Leske, see

LibGitCoreApp - The main application that provides bindings for the libgit2 api. Currently only
a part of this API is accessible from Smalltalk. This application uses the (32 bit) libgit2
LibGitCoreTestApp - Tests for LibGitCoreApp.
LibGitDemoViewApp - A small demo application that shows how LibGit can be used to browse the
commits of a local repository.

libgit2 files
On the libgit2 project page only a source download is available. An easy way to get the binaries
you need is to download Pharo Smalltalk for Windows (from Copy the following
dll's to a place where the VA Smalltalk exetable can access them:
  • libgit2.dll
  • libgitssh2-1.dll
  • zlib1.dll
  • libeay32.dll
Joachim Tuchel
Contributions:GreaseVASTExtensions, JQuery-plugin Autocomplete, JQueryWidgetBox Dynatree, MiniSMock, NeoCSV, QuotedPrintableCoderRun, QuotedPrintableCoderWithTests, SIXX, SIXX Tests, STON, SUnit, SUnit Tests, Toothpick, TwitterBoostrapForSeaside, VBRegex, z.ST: SUnit, z.ST: SUnit Testing
Joachim Tuchel is a Smalltalk developer since 1996, mainly in VA Smalltalk, VisualWorks and Pharo.
His company, objektfabrik, specializes in training, consulting and development using dynamic programming languages.
You can learn more at
John O'Keefe
Contributions:AbxProcessPeek, JNIPort, JokXTEAEncryption, MethodPragmas, Monticello Importer - Beta, Seaside REST, Seaside REST Tests, Tools
Chief Technical Officer and Principal Smalltalk Architect, Instantiations, Inc.
Julian Fitzell
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Louis LaBrunda
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President Keystone Software Corp.
Marten Feldtmann
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Masashi Umezawa
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Niall F Ross
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Read my conference reports (you can reach them at or to learn about me and about Smalltalk.
Nick Ager
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R. Julian Ford
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Rolf van der Vleuten
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Sebastian Heidbrink
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Seth Berman
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Soemirno Kartosoewito
Contributions:JQuery-plugin Bind, JQuery-plugin Radiobutton and Checkbox
Tom Koschate
Contributions:Abt Image Startup, HQA Automated Build Support, HQA Code Snapshot Tool
Yuri Vrancken
Contributions:Seaside GoogleChart
Happy Smalltalker