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Jan van de Sandt
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LibGit - VA Smalltalk bindings for libgit2

libgit2 is a portable implementation of the core Git functionality
with a clearly defined API.
See the project homepage:

The VA Smalltalk version of LibGit is derived from LibGit for Pharo Smalltalk. A
project of Max Leske, see

LibGitCoreApp - The main application that provides bindings for the libgit2 api. Currently only
a part of this API is accessible from Smalltalk. This application uses the (32 bit) libgit2
LibGitCoreTestApp - Tests for LibGitCoreApp.
LibGitDemoViewApp - A small demo application that shows how LibGit can be used to browse the
commits of a local repository.

libgit2 files
On the libgit2 project page only a source download is available. An easy way to get the binaries
you need is to download Pharo Smalltalk for Windows (from Copy the following
dll's to a place where the VA Smalltalk exetable can access them:
  • libgit2.dll
  • libgitssh2-1.dll
  • zlib1.dll
  • libeay32.dll
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