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You can first select a configuration map version and then download it by clicking on the download link. Perhaps a more convenient way is using the Tools. Possible required maps will not be included in the download.

You can submit open source code contributions by uploading a configuration map using the Tools.
Do not upload versions that were shipped in Instantiations (or IBM) official releases (including alpha versions, beta versions, etc.). If you need a shipped version of a map (e.g. to compare changes between the shipped version and the version based on it) and you do not already have it (e.g. because you are using a newer VASmalltalk release and the version is based on a version shipped in an older release), you might obtain the old shipped version from
Do not upload software without assigning a licence. The MIT licence (, also sometimes called the X11 licence, is often used for software on this site. Various other licences (modified MIT, BSD, LGPL, etc.) are also used for open-source software, or a project can provide its own.
Uploaded configuration maps are immediately visible. Associated developer and project annotations will be updated with every upload.

You can add various annotations to provide information about you and your project using VAStGoodies Tools. After you have loaded the tools, open the Configuration Map Browser, right-click on the Editions and Versions pane, and choose Edit Projects Annotations from the context menu. The "project" annotation is used to group configuration maps together. The most recent version of each configuration map that is part of a project is used. If several configuration maps in a project provide different values for the same annotation, multiple values will be displayed for the project. In the "description" field of the Developer and Project tabs, you can use a wiki syntax, which will be processed when rendering the pages on VAStGoodies.

Wiki syntax
The syntax of the wiki like annotations is similar to Pier. Escaping doesn't work though.
-Unordered list
#Ordered list
|Table (cells)
_Horizontal rule
*link*Simple link
*label>link*Labeled link
*account@domain*Email link
*label>account@domain*Labeled email link

Best practices
Some recommendations that will help you using the potential is offering.
  • Make yourself manager of the configuration maps that you upload. This information is used to populate various pages on this site, including the statistics page.
  • Fill in the notes and/or comments from the maps you provide.
  • Name an open source licence in the annotations of your project.
  • Provide additional information about your project in the annotations and/or include links to it from there.
  • Group multiple configuration maps in to one project, if appropiate, using the project annotation as described above.
  • Divide deployable code and development code (including tests) in separate configuration maps.

Informative reads
You can find more useful, if not essential, information at the following links.