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VA ST 8.0.3 New Browsers with Code Assist

New browsers with 'content assist', for Windows, to [url]http://www,[/url]. These browsers are in 'Alpha' and were developed on VA Smalltalk 8.0.3. Besides having 'content assist', the hard coded coloring was removed. If one wants the code pane a different color, please use the Transcript menu 'Tools -> VA Assist Pro -> Settings -> Color Syntax -> Configure Color Scheme'. The specific browsers with 'content assist' are:

  • StsTabbedApplicationBrowserWin
  • StsTabbedApplicationsBrowserWin
  • StsTabbedClassBrowserWin
  • StsTabbedClassesBrowserWin
  • StsTabbedHighlightingMethodsBrowserWin
  • StsTabbedMethodsBrowserWin

The 'method list box' and 'source text pane' have been moved inside their respective notebooks. They were originally outside and below the tabs.

'Use Method List Notebook' has been removed from the options menu because the model, up in the superclasses, is designed to work with one widget (one class list, one method list, one source text pane, etc.). I've experimented with multiple source text panes and multiple method lists. I also tried moving a single widget to a new parent. The only viable solution is a model rewrite.

Content assist pops up after four characters are typed. It can be turned of by hitting escape. The escape key is a toggle, on/off.
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