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This is a VAST specific version of the Toothpick logging Framework by Joseph Pelrine.
It is based on Version 1.1

The changes done by Joachim Tuchel are:
Rename of the Timestamp class to ToothpickTimestamp due to name conflicts with GLORP
and other tools that define a class named Timestamp
I have not checked with Toothpick on other platforms, whether this name change is a good idea or not.
This is one of the reasons why I chose 1.1.a as a version number rather than 1.2.

Please note: the URL mentioned below doesn't work at the time of writing.
Please visit

For documentation and more infos on Toothpick.

          • Original Comment:

This is Release 1.1 of the Toothpick logging framework.
The framework consists of the following packages, to (preferably)
be loaded in this order:

Toothpick Postload
Toothpick TranscriptLogger
Toothpick PatternFormatter
Toothpick ConfigFileReader
Toothpick Configuration

The complete Toothpick release, including examples and documentation,
is available at:

Have fun!
Joseph Pelrine
Modified BSD
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Developers:Joachim Tuchel
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