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This is a port of Sven van Caekenberghes NeoCSV package from Pharo. I used version SvenVanCaekenberghe.14 for this port - which is reflected by the envy version numbers.

I made most tests rund, but ignored the Benchmarks.
The testst that don't run fail due to differences in the definition of equality of Dictionaries between Pharo and VAST. I didn't investigate this much further because it seems the code runs perfectly for Dictionaries in my use cases.
I had to change quite some code in the tests, because some of the convenience methods that Pharo provides are missing in VAST (like {} for Array creation or methds like String>>#join:).
The NeoCSV code, however, is almost unchanged.

Make sure to visit Sven's homepage at for more cool libraries. And don't forget to port them to VAST.

Ported by Joachim Tuchel.
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