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Mustache for Smalltalk

Port of Mustache from Pharo . Ported by Joachim Tuchel

Mustache is a framework-agnostic, logic-free templating format that "emphasizes separating logic from presentation: it is impossible to embed application logic in this template language".

Documentation for Mustache in Pharo can be found here:

Thanks to Norbert Hartl for porting Mustache to Pharo/Smalltalk and open sourcing it under the generous MIT licence!

Taken from Pharo 6.1 / Package Versions
- Mustache-Core (NorbertHartl.33)
- Mustache-Tests (NorbertHartl.18)

I didn't port the FileSystem related functionalities and so also commented out the related tests.
All String/Stream base tests are green.
Didn't take a look at Mustache-Cli, as this was not needed for my project(s)
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Developers:Joachim Tuchel
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