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Method Wrappers

Method Wrappers dynamically add behaviour to a method without recompiling it. They can be used to change a method's behaviour, or to add behaviour before and after the wrapped method executes (for example, to measure coverage by using a method wrapper that increments a counter when it is called).

Wrappers were originally created by John Brant and Don Roberts of The Refactory. For more information about method wrappers, go here. This VASmalltalk version was developed by Niall Ross from John and Don's original.

WARNING: incorrectly using the wrappers can crash your image, so you should save your image before using them. In particular, do not install an instance of a subclass of MethodWrapper on a method that is called in code you have added to that subclass; this results in infinite recursion.

This is provided as a public open-source utility that may be used, and further developed, without obligation or warranty (other than acknowledgement) in any system, commercial or otherwise. Uploading your bugfixes or extensions back to this site is encouraged but not required. I have chosen the MIT licence as an appropriate legal form for the above statement.
Developers:Adriaan van Os, Niall F Ross
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