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This is the VA Smallalk port of JNIPort. JNIPort is a Smalltalk library which allows Java code to be invoked from Smalltalk. It acts as a bridge between the world of Smalltalk objects and a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) where Java code is executing.

JNIPort was originally written by Chris Uppal for Dolphin Smalltalk and published under a liberal license which permits its use in commercial and non-commercial software. Joachim Geidel has ported JNIPort to VisualWorks and Pharo/Squeak.

Portions of JNIPort for VA Smalltalk created by Ben van Dijk, Adriaan van Os and Rolf van der Vleuten are (c) 2012. These portions fall under the MIT license.

Additional files are required and can be obtained from the VW version at
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Developers:Adriaan van Os, John O'Keefe, Rolf van der Vleuten, Seth Berman
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