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InstallService is a simple GUI program to install a VA Smalltalk server program as a Windows NT Service.

1.08 03/26/14 Update for VA Smalltalk 8.6.
1.07 03/07/12 Update for VA Smalltalk 8.5.
1.05 03/29/11 Added test to prompt to save changes to INI file on close and save window info on close.
1.04 02/25/11 Switched to using KscPlatformConstants and KscPlatformFunctions poolDictionaries.
1.03 02/16/11 Improve window resizing.
1.02 02/14/11 Create CMD files so they open for a second, then close leaving just this program and always warn user before removing service.
1.01 02/14/11 Update for VA Smalltalk 8.0.3 and fix a small bug setting the image and log names.
1.00 01/19/11 Base version.
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Developers:Louis LaBrunda
Tags:create install nt service windows
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