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Grease Extensions for VA Smalltalk

This is the early start of a map collecting compatibility extensions for porting Source Code from Pharo and/or Squeak or even GLASS project code.

Here we collect methods that are common in Pharo and that you encounter all the time when you try to import
code from this platform. Most of these are just little helpers that save typing, so we just add them as Class extensions.
The idea is that we collect more and more of these methods ion order to come to a point where we can import code from Pharo
without having to modify it, because that makes subsequent importing of new versions of that code more and more work.

The author has seen this kind of problems with imports of several projects like NeoJSON and STON. Without these portability extensions,
keeping up with updates of the original code is hard and you try to stick with old versions of great tools as long as possible,
just to avoid the mass of little changes you have to make to someone else's code. The danger of breaking it is also an argument.

This first published version is known to load and work on VAST 8.6 and 8.6.1. It contains only a handful of methods that
were needed to import Torsten Bergmann's Twitter Bootstrap to VAST.

I encourage everybody to take this map, use it and - most importantly - extend it for every project that they Import to VAST.
Feel free to add methods whenever you work on imported code from one of these other platforms.

I also encourage Instantiations to take methods from this collection and move them to PlatformPortability for new VAST versions,
e.g. when new versions of Seaside are shipped with VAST.
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Developers:Adriaan van Os, Joachim Tuchel
Tags:grease pharo portability porting squeak
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