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A Coder / Decoder for Quoted Printable encoded Strings as they are used in Emails and VCARDs

You can use this little encoder/decoder to convert a String with non 7-bit ASCII-CHaracters in it into a pure 7-bit ASCII compatible String.
This encoding is often used for stuff on the internet, like emails or vcards (.vcf)

Using the tool is extremely easy, since the whole tool consist of two class methods:

QuotedPrintableCoder encode: 'Häusle'
QuotedPrintableCoder decode: 'H=E4usle'
Developers:Joachim Tuchel
Tags:decoding email encoding printable quoted
Configuration Maps:QuotedPrintableCoderRun (3↑|98↓), QuotedPrintableCoderWithTests (3↑|95↓)
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